B.E.T. Inc ., operating as BugEye™ Technologies, is a Canadian majority owned Aboriginal company founded in November 29, 1996 and incorporated under the laws of the Province of Alberta. BugEye™ works with aboriginal businesses and non-aboriginal businesses along with several other Provincial and Federal government departments. The Head Office for the Corporation is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Benefits of Working with BugEye Technologies (B.E.T. Inc.)

  • Provide strategies to secure a combination of government funding and private sector financing to maximize the leverage of dollars
  • Gives you and your staff back the time to spend on your core business activities.
  • Provide operational cost savings for aboriginal and non aboriginal companies
  • Reduce your HR costs by out-sourcing to B.E.T Inc. by a project to project basis

Professional Management Consulting Services:

  • Business Plans
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Strategic Planning
  • Market Development Planning
  • Market Entry Planning
  • Financial Planning, Sourcing and securing private placements
  • Procurement
  • Training and Technology Transfer
  • Sourcing and securing federal funding
  • World Bank Registration and Pre-qualification


Government Programs:
The Federal Government has funding available to Canadian companies at all stages of their business development.

We can assess your organizations ability to apply for these contributions and can facilitate applications for the following:

a) Research and Development
There a number of grants and "soft loans" which assist companies with funding for innovation in a number of sectors. These range from outright grants, partial grants to loans designed to help you with commercialization of your technology.

b) Tax Credits
Cost recovery for R&D - if you have spent a considerable amount on research and development you may be able eligible to recoup a large portion of your costs.

c) Market Development
If you have already developed a strong domestic market and are seeking to become established anywhere outside of Canada, there are marketing programs that may enable you to recover up to 50% of your marketing costs. The programs will cover costs for airfare, trade shows, videos, brochures, translations, and demonstrations. They also cover eligible costs for Capital Bids and a New to Export market visit.

d) International Joint Ventures
Your company may be eligible to recover up to 80% of your proposed international business development, technology transfer and training costs.


Aboriginal Development Programs:
A high quality business plan is essential to attract potential investors in the private sector as well as government support. BugEye Technologies (B.E.T. Inc.) offer a suite of services designed to assist start-ups to established business seeking expansion in both domestic or international markets. BugEye Technologies (B.E.T. Inc.) team of professionals can assist you with the development, implementation and maintenance of your business. Our consulting group has years of experience in assisting the Aboriginal community and is familiar with various programs and financing sources to assist you in funding and financing your project or business.

Services  include

  • Business plans
  • Feasibility studies
  • Business valuations / market plans / accounting set-up & management support services
  • Sourcing and Securing funding from various government programs
  • Approaching and designing financing strategies to match your business with key financial institutions
  • Linkages with non-Aboriginal Business in the Resource and IT sectors
  • Provide bid matching services to assist Aboriginal suppliers with access to contracts with the federal, provincial, municipal governments and private corporations.
  • Assistance with Economic Development Plans

A unique marketplace is emerging for companies doing business with Canada's aboriginal communities - but companies need to start building bridges and credibility sooner rather than later, says the head of the country's biggest aboriginal business organization. "There is increasing control being exerted by aboriginal people over their land, over their resources, and the development of those resources," Jocelyne Soulodre, President and CEO of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB), told a Chamber of Commerce luncheon held in June, 2001.

Soulodre added that the total value of land claims over the next decade has been estimated to be in the range of $200 billion dollars. " That's a pretty big market, one that I think no one wants to ignore", she said.


Business Development Financing:
If you haven't undertaken international (or inter-provincial) sales or exports before you may be unaware of the financial mechanisms that are available to you for buyer and supplier financing. We can assist with identifying your needs and arranging the appropriate financing solutions for your domestic and international projects.

Export financing:

  • Loans to your international buyers
  • Lines of credit between you and foreign banks
  • Note purchases from your foreign buyer
  • Financing to satisfy your pre-shipment requirements
  • Credit for your clients on open account terms

Performance guarantees:

  • Bid bonds
  • Surety assistance
  • Performance bonds

Project risk insurance:

  • Specific transaction insurance
  • Export credit insurance
  • Global comprehensive insurance and Currency Exchange risk

We can also assist you with the following:

  • Corporate Finance -Debt
  • Operating, medium term, restructuring, refinancing
  • Financing - real estate, equipment, assets, acquisitions
  • Inventory, letter of credit; interim or bridge financing
  • Start-up, turn-around or expansion financing; lines of credit business acquisitions


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