BugEye Technologies (B.E.T. Inc.) offers consulting services in Management, Government Funding, Aboriginal Business Development, Financing and Information Technologies.

Goals and Objectives: (both Aboriginal & Non-Aboriginal)

  • To be a management resource base for business development to both new and growing SME's

  • To facilitate securing of government funding, especially for companies in the pre-commercialization stage of business development

  • To link Aboriginal/non-Aboriginal businesses through support training, project management, and technical transfer both domestically and internationally

  • To provide IT business solutions in support of SME's

Benefits of Working with BugEye Technologies (B.E.T. Inc.)

  • Provide strategies to secure a combination of government funding and private sector financing to maximize the leverage of dollars

  • Gives you and your staff back the time to spend on your core business activities

  • Provide operational cost savings for aboriginal and non aboriginal companies

  • Reduces your HR costs



With the support of your Team Leader, the successful Consulting Contractor will be required to create and build or maintain our client base using an integrated marketing solution. The process will involve acting as an intermediary between the client and your team leader throughout the sales, marketing and project management cycle.

Who do I contact to obtain further information?

E-mail: kimberlya@nucleus.com

What are the basic requirements?

  1. You must have a computer and be connected to the Internet
  2. Unique business background and senior level experience desired - you operate as your own business.
  3. A resume with cover letter e-mailed to - kimberlya@nucleus.com
  4. A "Consulting Agreement" must be completed prior to start.

    We will inform those whose qualifications match within 21 days.

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